Business Communication Important Questions | AU | Sem 2


  • VALID for Bsc,BCA.

Important questions 


Important questions:

1. Explain About Nature of Communication?
2. Significance of Communication and objectives?
3. What is the Role of Communication in Business?
4. Explain about Models of Communication?
5. What is Media/Channels of Business Communication? (Optional)
6. Difference Listening Vs Hearing ?
7. What are Principles of Listening?
8. What are Levels of Communication?
9. What are Communication networks in Organisation.
10. Explain about Barriers of Communication?
11. What are Transactional Analysis and types? (Optional)
12. What are the Gateways to Overcome barriers of Communication?
13. What are Johari window? Explain about exchange theory?


Important questions:

1. What is Business Communication and types?
2. Advantages of Downward Communication?
3. Types of informal communication/Grapevine Communication?
4. Explain briefly about diagonal Communication?
5. Explain briefly about informal communication?
6. Formal communication and Informal communication differences?
7. What is verbal Communication and Types?
8. Verbal and non Communication differences?
9. Explain about Types of Communication?
10. Intrapersonal vs Interpersonal communication?
11. Explain briefly About Business correspondence?
12. Telephone communication Advantages and Disadvantages & Limitations? (Optional)
13. Online Communication Types and Advantages & Disadvantages?
14. What are Presentations and goals & types?
15. Methods of presentation?
16. What are Chronemics or time language?(optional)
17. Business Correspondence importance?
18.Explain the structure and Concept of business memo & Letter?
19. How to design and present a Successful presentation? 
20. Explain breifly about Non Verbal communication?


Important questions:

1.Explain about Concept of Filing,Need & Purpose?
2.  Types of filing system and Benefits? 
3. What are the benefits of E-Filing?
4. Explain about Methods of Filing?
5. What are the qualities of good filing system?
6. What is meant by Business Etiquettes and Responding?
7. What are business meetings and types& stages?
8. Explain about minutes of meeting, types of minutes & difference between agenda and meeting?
9. How to setup a file system ?(optional)
10. What are the Stages of meeting?
These questions are more then enough to Score 90% in semester examinations. 

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