Data Structures Using C | AU Sem 2

Important questions for Data Structures in C - Andhra University semester 2

Important questions for second semester - Andhra University (AU) & All other universities

Subject: Data Structures Using C
Valid for: BSc & BCA


1. What is Data Structure?Explain types of Data structures?
2. What are Algorithms?Discuss about Characteristics? 
3. What is Complexity and Cases? 
4. Explain about Time and Space Complexities? 
5. What are Asymptotic Notations?Examples. 
6. What is The Difference between Recursion and Iteration? 
7. What is Structured Programming?Explain with Rules? 
8. Advantages & Disadvantages of Structured Programming approach?


1. What is an Array & types?
 2. Explain about Linear and Non Linear Data structures? 
3. Explain about Array Operations?With examples. 
4. Explain The Concept of One and Two Dimensional Arrays with examples?
 5. What is Multidimensional Array?Example. 
6. Difference Between Pointers and Arrays? 
7. Give an Overview of Pointers? 
8. What is a Linked List?Advantages and Disadvantages? 
9. Differences between Array and Linked list? 
10. What Is Dynamic Memory Allocation And malloc()function In C?
11. Types of Linked Lists? 
12. What are Linked list Operations And Represent with Diagrammatic Structures?
13. Explain about Linked list in Arrays?
14. How to Create An Array In a Linked list? 
15. Write a Program for Circular Single Linked list? 
16. What Transversal And Displaying a List? 
17. How to Create a node For Double Linked List?Explain. 
18. Display a program on Single linked list?

UNIT 3: 


1. What is Stack and Stack Data Structure? 
2. Operations Of Stack?Represent Using Stack Arrays?
3. How to Represent Stack Using Linked List? 
4. What are the Applications of stacks? 
5. What are Algebraic Expressions?
6. Explain about Infix- to Postfix Expression Transformation?example.
7. Evaluate of Postfix Expression?
8. Differences between Stacks and Recursion? 


 9. What Is Queue?ADT type? 
10. How to Represent Queues? 
11. What are Operations on Queue?
12. What are Applications of Queues?
13. What are Circular Queues?Representation. 
14. What Are Double Ended Queues-Deques.
15. What are Priority Queues?Basic Operations. 
16. Applications of Queues? 



1. Explain about Non-Linear Data Structers? 
2. What is Binary Tree & types? 
3. What are the Applications of Binary tree? 
4. How Many types of binary Trees? 
5. What Is Baic Definition of Binary Tree?
6. What are the Properties of Binary tree? 
7. How to Represent a Binary Tree? 
8. What Is Tree Representation & Types?
9. Explain about Binary tree Traversals? 
10. What are the Operations Of/on A Binary Tree?
11. What are Applications of Binary tree?
12. Differences between B and B++ trees? 
13. What are Operations in B+ tree? 

UNIT 5: 

1. What is Sorting? 
2. Explain about bubble sort with Algorithm? 
3. Explain about insertion sort with Algorithm? 
4. What is the Complexity of Insertion sort Algorithm? 
5. What is Merge Sort with A example program?
6. What is Quick sort With Algorithm? 
7. What is Searching?Explain all Searching techniques?
8. Write a Program on Binary Search?
9. What is Indexed Sequential Search? 
10. What are Graphs and Which terms are Associated to graphs?
11. How many types of graphs?explain with diagrammatic representation? 
12. What are Connected Components and properties?
13. Explain about sequential Representation of graphs? 
14. Explain About traversal of graphs with Algorithm? 
15. What is BFS and BFS Algorithm? 
16. What are Spanning trees and types?
17. Write a program on Prims Algorithm? 
18. What is Sortest Path and It's Variants? 
19. What are the Applications of graphs?

 These questions more than enough for to score 90% of marks in Data stuctures for 2nd semester valid to BSc & BCA.

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