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Simplilearn is the world's no.1 online boot camp and the world's leading certification training provider.Checkout some free courses offered by them.
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Simplilearn is the world's no.1 online boot camp and the world's leading certification training provider. Skill up is providing full access to Online courses on its platform.

Simplilearn started in September 2019. At first, Simplilearn was started as a blog, sharing ideas on educational tips and project management. In April 2010, Simplilearn started PMP training and online learning. In March 2011 NOT JUST PMP By popular demand, Simplilearn adds 5 more categories in addition to PMP—IT Service Management, IT Security Management, Quality Management, and certifications in Technology and Financial Management. June 2012 ELEVATES 20,000+ LIVES Simplilearn trains more than 20,000 professionals across 50+ countries.

Largest Certification Training Provider Simplilearn reaches its next milestone, training 200,000+ professionals in 150+ countries, and becoming one of the world’s largest certification training providers. It launches 200+ courses in three training modes: online self-paced learning, classroom, and online classroom. In December 2014 A NEW LOOK! Keeping pace with innovation, Simplilearn’s website and supporting systems get a brand new look.

In June 2015 ,scaling new heights Simplilearn acquires digital marketing training leader Market Motive and expands operations in North America. In February 2016 Global Impact: Taking on the giants Ranked 8th on a list of the 50 most influential global education brands on LinkedIn—above Wharton, Harvard, and Stanford. Simplilearn has helped over one million professionals and companies across 150+ countries get trained, acquire certifications, and upskill their employees.

Hyper-Growth Begins - 1 Million More Learners in Under 1 Year Simplilearn learner count rises to 3 million from 2 million in just 8 months December 2021 World-class Management Learning Simplilearn partners with JAGSOM for the Post Graduate Diploma in Management and IU Germany for the Global (Study Abroad) MBA. In January 2022 Upskill with Simplilearn. Get a job - Guaranteed! Simplilearn launches Job Guarantee Programs in Data Science and Full Stack Development. Simplilearn is Now a world-class courses provider.


  • 3,000,000+ Professional Trained across the world wide.
  • 2,000+ Qualified Trainers
  • 400+ Courses
  • 40+ Global accreditations


All courses are free of cost.

Data Science and Business Analytics 

  1. Business Analytics with Excel
  2. Applied data science with phyton
  3. Introduction to Data Analytics 
  4. Data Science with R programming
  5. Power BI for beginners
  6. Tableau Training
  7. Introduction to MS Excel
  8. Introduction to Data Science
  9. Python Libraries for Data Science
  10. Business Intelligence Fundamentals
  11. Introduction to Data Visualisation
  12. Excel Dashboard for Beginners

Cyber Security

  1. Ethical Hacking for Beginners
  2. Introduction to Cyber Security
  3. Introduction to Cloud Security
  4. CISSP
  5. Introduction to Cybercrime
  6. Introduction to CISSP Security Assessment, Testing and Operation for Beginners
  7. Introduction to Cryptography for Beginners
  8. SQL Injection for Beginners

AI and Machine Learning

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  3. Deep Learning for Beginners
  4. Getting started with Machine Learning Algorithms
  5. Introduction to Neural Network
  6. TensorFlow for Beginners
  7. Introduction to Machine Learning with R
  8. Image Recognition Basics for Beginners
  9. Introduction to Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Basics
  10. Introduction to Deep Learning with Keras
  11. Natural Language Processing
  12. Introduction to Data Mining

Software Development

  1. Getting Python Interview Ready
  2. CCNA 200-301 Network Fundamentals
  3. Learn Advanced C++ 
  4. Introduction to Android Studio
  5. Introduction to Flutter
  6. Learn OpenCV 
  7. Java Training
  8. Python for Beginners
  9. Blockchain Developers
  10. Introduction to SQL
  11. Introduction to IoT
  12. JavaScript for Beginners
  13. Introduction to Robotic Process Automation
  14. ReactJS for Beginners
  15. Salesforce Administrator and App Builder
  16. Salesforce Administration
  17. Salesforce Platform App Builder
  18. Full Stack Development for Beginners
  19. R Programming for Beginners
  20. Programming with Python 3.X
  21. Angular Basics
  22. Introduction to Numpy
  23. Getting started with NodeJS
  24. Introduction to HTML
  25. Getting started with Junit
  26. Introduction to Java Spring framework 101
  27. Getting started with Full Stack Java Development
  28. and many more...

Digital Marketing

  1. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  2. Basic fo SaaS Business
  3. Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  4. Advanced Social Media Program
  5. Advanced Content Marketing
  6. YouTube and Video Marketing
  7. Advanced Pay Per Click
  8. Facebook Marketing and Advertising
  9. Advanced Email Marketing
  10. Advanced Mobile Marketing


  1. Git training
  2. Introduction to Kubernetes
  3. Getting started with Docker
  4. Introduction to DevOps Tools
  5. DevOps Training
  6. Getting Started with Puppet
  7. Learn Apache Maven Course

Cloud Computing

  1. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  2. Introduction to Cloud Computing
  3. Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
  4. Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  5. Introduction to Amazon AWS

Business and Leadership

  1. Business Analysis Basics
  2. Design Thinking for Beginners
  3. Digital Leadership in Business
  4. Getting started with Basics of Finance

You need to clear tests for some courses to get certified

Some courses need review points

All courses have a 90 days validity

These are designed by working professionals


  • These certificates are valid and you can add these to your resume.
  • They don't have any expiration date.
Sample Certificate

You can enrol for the above course by the following link:

For any queries and suggestions reach us at [email protected]

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