Survey and Reporting Important Questions | Andhra University Semester 2 | for BCA and BSc, Sem 2

Survey and Reporting important questions for BCA & BSc. For Andhra University (AU) semester 2.

Survey and Reporting important questions for BCA & BSc.

University: Andhra University (AU)
Valid for: BSc & BCA

Subject: Foundation/Skill Development course - Survey & Reporting 


Introduction to Research

  • What is research and types of research?


  •  What is a survey and types of surveys?
  •  What are written surveys and their Advantages?
  •  Difference between a Cross-sectional study and a longitudinal study?

Survey Process

  •  What is the process of the survey? Explain about population and sample.
  •  What are questionnaires and types of questionnaires?
  •  What are the Advantages and disadvantages of the survey?

Sample and Sampling process

  •  What is meant by the Sample and Sampling process including conditions?
  •  What are the characteristics of a good sample?
  •  What is the sampling process and how many steps are included in sampling?

Techniques of Sampling

  •  What are the techniques of sampling?
  •  What are the types of probability sampling?
  •  What are the types of non-probability sampling?
  •  Difference between probability and non-probability sampling methods?

Online Survey

  •  What is an online survey and its Advantages?
  •  Explain the online survey process.

UNIT 2: Preparing Questionnaire


  •  What is a Questionnaire and types of Questionnaires?

Questionnaire Design

  •  What are the qualities of the good questionnaire?
  •  What are the precautions to make a good questionnaire?
  •  What are the steps involved in questionnaire design?
  •  What are the methods involved in administering the questionnaire?
  •  How to encourage a good response?

Pilot Study

  •  What is pilot questionnaire and benefits of pilot study?
  •  What phases are involved in piloting?

Data Collection

  •  What is the difference between digital and paper collection?
  •  Explain data collection methods.
  •  Importance of data collection?

UNIT 3: Methods of Organising Data

Organisation of Data

  •  Explain the organisation of data.
  •  What is tabulation of data,diagrammatic representation of data, objectives of data classification?

Tabulation of Data

  •  What are the objectives and limitations of tabulation?
  •  Classification of tabulation?
  •  What are ways to construct data tables?

Presentation of data in figures

  •  What are figures and types?
  •  Explain 1. Photograph 2. Lineart
  •  How to work with illustrators and how to use the software?
  •  What are direction maps and graphs?
  •  Give some tips for an effective graph.
  •  What is Scatter plots and line graphs?
  •  Characteristics and differences of histogram?

Percentages and Measures of Central Tendency

  •  Difference between descriptive and inferential statistical analysis?
  •  Explain brief about percentages.
  •  What are measures of Central tendency and limitations?

Report Writing

  •  What are the good characteristics of a report?
  •  What are forms of report and function based reports?
  •  What is meeting based report and hierarchy based report?
  •  What steps included in report preparation?
  •  What is structure of report?
  •  Give an example for an effective conclusion.
  •  What are the bibliography and glossary of a report?

Writing styles of Report

  •  Types of writing styles of a report?
  •  Explain how to write a data report and its types.

These questions are more than enough for semester preparation to score 90% in the survey & Reporting examination. 

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