What are Proof-less Sim cards | Know how many cards are on your identity

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  • Proofless Sim Cards are those sim cards which has no Aadhar or biometric verification.
  • Nowadays there are no proofless sim cards.
  • 15 years ago in India, sim cards were distributed by proof of Ration card or Voter id.
  • Aadhar card system was introduced in India in 2009.
  • So, Proofless Simcards were distributed to those Who want sim cards without their id proof.
  • Today using and selling proofless Sim cards is illegal in India.
  • These proofless sim cards are resulting in high crime rates.
  • If one need a phone number to make some illegal activity, he used to get from a sim card seller with the other persons identity.
  • And if he does some illegal activity the person in identity would be suspected.
  • Usually such sim cards are sold at very high price by sellers.
  • Until 2010 all the sim cards were proofless.
  • In 2010 the government of India decided to bring an Aadhar Card System to Largest Democratic population.
  • To get a sim card one need to submit his/her Aadhar as a proof of identity.
  • This reduced the illegal activities with those proofless sim cards to great extent.
  • After 2018 Biometric system was introduced in India.
  • After its launch, it made mandatory that every sim card owner should complete his biometric in order to use the sim card.

How to check how many sim cards were registered on your identity

  • Visit the TAF COP Consumer portal.
  • Enter your phone number and click on request OTP.
  • Once you enter your OTP it shows all the numbers registered under your identity
  • If your found any suspicious report this is not my number
TAF COP site preview
TAFCOP site listing numbers of common identity
  • You can remove the old numbers which you are not using currently.
If you found anyone selling proofless sim cards around report at National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

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