Database Management Systems - DBMS | Important Questions for AU Sem - 2 & 3| Andhra University

Important questions for second & third-semester Database management systems (DBMS). For Andhra university & other universities.

Important questions for second & third-semester Database management systems (DBMS).For Andhra university & other universities.

Subject : DBMS (Database management systems)

Valid for 2nd semester BCA & 3rd semester B.Sc.

 UNIT 1: Overview of Database Management System

  •  What is meant by data, information, database, and history of the database?
  •  Describe briefly DBMS and its applications?
  •  Explain the file-based system and drawbacks of file-based system?
  •  Difference between a file system and a database? 
  •  Classify the DBMS, and what are the basic building blocks of the database?
  •  Explain briefly about Key differences and database?
  •  Give a brief description of DBMS?
  •  What are the advantages of DBMS? 

UNIT 2: Entity-Relationship Model

  •  What is ER-model and Explain ER diagrams with notations?
  •  What are the main building blocks of ER diagram? 
  •  Write about the differences between weak and strong entity sets? 
  •  What is the EER model and its generalization & specialization? 
  •  Explain ISA relationships and attribute inheritance?
  •  What are constraints and their specialization and generalization? (optional) 
  •  What are the Advantages of ER modeling?

 UNIT 3: Relational Model

  •  What is a relational model and its objectives?
  •   Explain CODD rules? 
  •   Give a brief description of the Relational data model? 
  •   What is a key and how many types of keys are there? 
  •   Explain relational integrity, including composite keys?
  •   What are relational Algebra and its operations? 
  •   Explain Relational Algebra operations and CODD rules?
  •   What are the Advantages of relational algebra?
  •   Explain Relational calculus?
  •   Explain tuple relational calculus and Domain relational calculus?

 UNIT 4: Structured Query Language

  •  What are SQL, process, and characteristics?
  •  What are the versions of SQL?
  •  Give a brief explanation about commands in SQL?
  •  Explain about DDL?
  •  What are table modification commands?
  •  What are view and sub-query?
  •  What are data types and operators in SQL?
  •  Explain commands in SQL with proper examples?
  •  What are GROUP BY, GROUP BY -HAVING, and indexing?
  •  Explain about DML?


  •  What is PL/SQL?
  •  What are the shortcomings and features of PL/SQL?
  •  Explain the structure of PL/SQL?
  •  Elements of PL/SQL language?
  •  How to create PL/SQL programs simply?
  •  What do the data types emerge in PL/SQL?
  •  What are the operators involved in PL/SQL?
  •  What are Database triggers?
  •  What are the types of triggers?
  •  By using a database to display all the details of all employees in a company? (optional)
  •  What are the literals and identifiers in PL/SQL?

These questions are enough to score 90% above with choice questions.

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