Electrical Appliances Important Questions | Andhra University Semester 1 | AU 1st Sem Important Questions EA

Electrical Appliances Important Questions for Andhra University Semester 1. AU sem 1 important questions EA. 1st sem for BSc and BCA AU

Valid for : BSc & BCA 1st sem 
Subject : (Skill development / Foundation Course) Electrical appliances 

UNIT 1: DC Fundamentals

  •  What is a circuit? Explain node, branch and closed path.
  •  Define open circuit and closed circuit.
  •  Explain briefly about Ohm's law.
  •  Explain Kirchhoff's law.
  •  Explain about parameters(Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance).
  •  Difference between Conductors and insulators? 

UNIT 2: AC Fundamentals

  •  What are the advantages and disadvantages of AC and DC current?
  •  Explain RMS value, Mid oriented and Analytical method.
  •  Explain about Single phase and three-phase connections. 
  •  Difference between single-phase and three-phase power supplies?
  •  What are a three-phase star and delta connections?

UNIT 3: Measuring Instruments

  •  Difference between an ammeter and a voltmeter?
  •  Classification of Ammeter and voltmeter?
  •  Explain about Galvanometer, multimeter, wattmeter and Energy meter.
  •  Compare the Wattmeter and energy meter.
  •  Explain transformers and construction.

UNIT 4: Electrical Wiring and Protection

  •  Define electrical wiring and factors and types.
  •  Explain electrical safety.
  •  Explain preventive and first aid methods of electric shock.
  •  Define earthing and grounding: a. necessity of earthing. b. Difference between earth wire and neutral wire c. methods of earthing
  •  What are protective devices(Fuses,MCB,ELCB)?
  •  Explain an inverter and UPS.

UNIT 5: Fundamentals of Illumination

  •  What is the Nature of light and wavelength?
  •  Explain laws illumination.
  •  Explain MH and LED. 

UNIT6: Domestic Electrical Appliances

  •  Explain about the electric fan.
  •  Explain the iron box
  •  Explain briefly about the water heater.
  •  What are IS/IE codes?
  •  Explain and make a diagrammatic explanation of the Microwave oven and Refrigerator.

These questions are more than enough to score 90% in Electrical appliances paper.

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