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ICMR-NIN Poshan Abhiyaan is an initiative by the prime minister and the government of India. It is an initiative E-learning program for every Indian.
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ICMR-NIN Poshan Abhiyaan is an initiative by the prime minister and the government of India. It is an initiative E-learning program for every citizen of India. It is a platform of various nutrition and healthy courses provided specially designed for every citizen to know the concept of nutrition and health. It will describe various nutritional courses and It is a knowledge platform of nutritional courses.

Who can Join

Anyone who qualified:

  • 10th ( SSC )
  • 12th ( HSC )
  • UG / PG
  • Knowledge seeker


Get access to various nutritional and biological courses and these will be useful in related further courses or jobs based on these.

Courses Offered

Course 1: Basics of Nutrition

Basics of Nutrition covers everything from basic diet, to the problems which may cause with malnutrition.

Course 2: Mother Health and Nutrition

Mother Health and Nutrition covers mothers diet and health. This helps in prevention of baby births prone to various chronic diseases.

Course 3: Infant and Young child feeding

This course covers the practices should be adopted to for healthy infant growth. And an idea on semi solids and inexpensive supplements for the young child feeding.

Course 4: Immunization

This course designed for knowledge in immunity improvement and to help us know how to protect ourselves from harmful diseases and on developing our immunity power.

Course 5: Growth Monitoring

This course helps to know, the growth of humans and the health of humans with the growth of proper nutrition.

Course 6: Adolescent Nutrition

This course helps to know about adolescent nutrition and hormones.

Course 7: Anemia

A course on anemia, its prevention and cure.

Course 8: Food Fortification

A course on micro-nutrients and food fortification techniques.

Course 9: Diarrhea

A course on causes and prevention of diarrhea.

Course 10: Wash

This describes proper hand-washing and cleaning of the body for time to time to prevent skin diseases.

Course 11: Non-Communicable diseases

A course that describes noncommunicable diseases and their prevention and causes.

Course 12: Yoga

A course on yoga and its benefits and importance.

Course 13: Homemade nutrients recipes

It is a course of healthy recipes to protect our health from healthy food remedies.

All these courses are in video format and after the video class it will take to the test page and later upon completion, you get the certificates.

All courses are in elementary Hindi and understandable.

Sample Certificate


For registration and additional information refer: Poshan Abhiyaan

For any queries reach us at [email protected]

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