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kaggle is a child organization of google. It is famous for data science and machine learning. Providing free certification courses in trending tech.
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Kaggle is a platform for learners and competitors in data science and machine learning. Kaggle is maintained as a subsidiary of Google LLC. It was Headquartered in San Francisco, USA. It is famous for data science learning and competitions. It was started in April in the year 2010.

Why free courses by Kaggle

kaggle is a child organization of google. It is famous for data science and machine learning. It has 8 million registered users and still counting. kaggle is recommended to learn courses by top-level experts free of cost. It has a lot of users and learners across 194 countries. Kaggle certifications are valid for job opportunities and competition purposes in respected fields. These courses are skill oriented to build more knowledge in a specific topic.

Who can Join

Anyone who are interested in learning new tech.

Courses Offered

All courses are basic to Advanced and English to English text formatted courses.

All courses are free of cost

Course 1: Introduction to Machine Learning 

This course covers core concepts of machine learning and improve skill-oriented knowledge related to machine learning.

Course  2: Data Visualization

This course will discuss the concept of data visualization and Approaches to data visualization and also it will include data visualization types which are charts, graphs, and maps. It is a preferable course for every software job seeker to know the basic concept of data visualization.

Course 3: Introduction to Programming

In this course it cover the concept of programming and this course will give a skill-oriented knowledge in programming and it will cover advanced levels of programming.

Course 4: Python

It is an Advanced course that will cover the concept of python programming with skill-oriented knowledge and it was designed by industry-level experts to maximize more knowledge in python programming.

Course 5: Pandas

This course discusses pandas a module of python programming useful for software and IT professionals to improve their knowledge of pandas.

Course 6: Intermediate machine learning

This course is specially designed to learn machine learning concepts more clearly and skill-oriented topics are covered to build more knowledge in machine learning.

Course 7: Feature Engineering

This course will discuss engineering concepts and phases of engineering.

Course 8: Intro to SQL

This course covers structured query language and maximize knowledge in SQL to build skill-oriented SQL knowledge. 

Course 9: Data Cleaning

This course  will clear the concepts of data cleaning with level-wise concepts.

Course 10: Intro to deep learning

This course from a subset of machine learning. It is a career-oriented course specially designed by the Kaggle team to improve knowledge in deep learning

No need to pay any money and it is free of cost including the certificate.

The certifications are valid globally.

It is a google organized platform specially designed by team google to improve tech knowledge in a simply faster way globally.

Sample Certificate


For Registration and more information visit: Kaggle

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