The Life of Plant | The Journey from Seed to next Seed

Yes! plants do communicate with other plants through some special features that were developed by themselves. When they sense dangers like grazing....
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The journey of plants, the journey from seed to next seed, and the difficulties they face along the way.


A natural life cycle, from birth to death, is the growth of a plant. From seed to plant, it takes about 10-12 months. Planting a seed in the earth will give birth to multiple plants. Each plant is unique and will have its own behaviour that can affect its survival. Plants are born within the soil and they survive and continue growing in their lifetime.

The most important factor of life is water and food which can be acquired through photosynthesis or transpiration from leaves or stems. Plants perform photosynthesis not only just to feed themselves but also to feed every living organism with food, oxygen, and shelter. As plants are the only living things that can produce their food almost every species depend directly or indirectly on green plants.

Needs of Plants

  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Temperature (Moisture)
  • Nutrients
  • Minerals
  • Pollinators

The five are the god-gifted essentials with no shortage...

Pollinators are the agents that help in the breeding of plants. They carry pollen grains of male flowers(anthers) from one plant and deliver them to female flowers(stigma) of another plant thus helping in fruit formation from flowers.

Many pollinating agents help in plant pollination like birds, Snakes, Squirrels, Bats, Butterflies, Rabbits, insects, Honeybees, and even Humans rarely.

But among them, Honeybees are the world's largest plant pollinators. This is because the bees and Plants share a mutual relationship where honeybees help plants in pollination and the plants, in turn, reward them with its sweet nectar (honey) for their appetite which is beneficial for both.

Honeybees are responsible for billions of dollars every year in agriculture.

Communication between plants

Yes! plants do communicate with other plants through some unique features that were developed by themselves. If we ask if is there any network connection that is similar to the nervous system network, yes plant's root system network is very complex and every root hair is interconnected these from different plants can communicate with each other through some chemical process by secreting tiny amounts of unique chemicals into the soil throughout the roots zone. 

When they sense dangers like grazing animals they send immediate chemical signals throughout the body and from roots. These can transfer to other plants and they can exchange chemical powers to overcome the animals or insects by spraying some acidic cents through barks and stems.

A Day in Plant's Life

Plants will be exposed to many dangers from the day of their birth to till their fall. When the plant grows it exposes itself to several dangers which can not be avoided earlier or later in life but plants must face these kinds of dangers for clear growth.

When a seed is planted it requires water, and good fertilized land to overcome and crack the surface and rise as a seedling with a weak stem just like a born baby. Every day morning it wakes up and enjoys the photons meal cooked by sunlight and drinks some water through its long-grown roots served by rain and starts photosynthesis cooking the most delicious food in its greenish leaves for the world and its growth, also has many techniques to avoid being destroyed from grazing animals.

During the noon it loses some water by transpiration through leaves and other parts for a cooling effect just like we sweat during a hot day. leaves are the food preparation chamber of the plant it cooks a huge amount of food so called glucose, and starch, and transfers it to the other parts of the plant. When the sun disappears all its leaves will shed and wait for the next morning's call from sunlight.

Threats by Humans

Apart from all of them, somehow the plant manages to mature as a tree giving shelter for many lives. But then comes the real danger in the form of humans holding the axe and chopping it without mercy for their desires or man-called medicines, furniture, housings, etc.

Many lives of birds and small creatures are getting lost due to this act. Also, man's foolish behaviour, in running factories and chemical industries causes huge pollution that ends up in the plant's life or causes genetic variations in plants' structure, which again is dangerous for humans. This pollution causes climate change and further contributes to global warming day by day. Life would not exist on earth without plants cause they produce most of the oxygen on the globe and without them, the formerly forested areas would become drier and more prone to extreme droughts.

Natural Threats


It is sometimes hard to accept but even some natural threats are also faced by the plant. The most common danger is wind. Wind averaging 100mph can shred and uproot plants. Sometimes even tornadoes show up and uproot many plants and trees as well...


Secondly, Rain can also huge damage to a plant, pelting rain can shred leaves and stems. Saltwater whipped up from raging seas due to floods and carried up into the storm clouds can linger in the soil and kill plants after the storm has passed, acid rains are also noted.

Wild Fires

wildfires are also a major threat that burns plants into ashes. Some causes of wildfires are:

  • Irresponsible Campfires
  • Unextinguished Cigarettes
  • Vehicle Crashes and Malfunctions
  • Arson
  • Lightning


In this life-challenging world, many living organisms fail to survive. But plants never give up on life, To be born is to die, and this truth is ever before us. The question is not whether we shall be taken, but whether we shall make the most of our birth by living thoughtfully in all that life brings; or if there shall come a time when our conscious life force, declines and closes its pages upon us, leaving an unfinished story behind.

Plant rises again where it was lost, It loves again where it was hurt and tortured, It never escapes from the problems but evolute itself with new modifications with the best of its transformation and rebegins its life again.

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