Business Entrepreneurship important questions| AU | BSc, BCA - 1st Semester Life Skills Course

Entrepreneurship Development important questions for BSc and BCA for Andhra University 1st semester.Andhra university and all universities in AP

Entrepreneurship Development important questions for BSc and BCA for Andhra University 1st semester

Subject: Entrepreneurship Development (Life skill course)

Valid for: BSc & BCA

University: Andhra university and all universities in Andhra Pradesh.

UNIT - 1:

  • What is entrepreneurship and explain the functions of an entrepreneur?
  • What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur?
  • Classify entrepreneurs?
  • What is the difference between Intrapreneur and an entrepreneur?
  • What are the steps involved in setting intrapreneurship in the organization?
  • Explain the differences between entrepreneurs and professional managers?
  • Explain women entrepreneurs and classify the problems, and measures for women entrepreneurs' development?
  • What are the characteristics of entrepreneurship?
  • Define business organization?
  • Write a short note on startups and explain their functions?
  • What are cooperative societies and types?
  • Explain the role of entrepreneurs in economic development?

UNIT - 2:

  • Explain the concept of scope, value, and preparation of a business plan?
  • What is a business idea?
  • What is a forced relationship?
  • Define opportunity recognition?
  • Define project report?
  • Explain project formulation?
  • What is role-playing?
  • What is reverse brainstorming?
  • Explain project design and project implementation?
  • What are the important sources of new ideas?
  • what are the techniques involved in generating new ideas?
  • Different phases of a feasibility analysis?
  • What are the contents of the project appraisal?
  • What are the objectives of project Appraisals?
  • What are the general aspects covered by the project report?
  • Explain opportunity recognization and factors?
  • Explain the steps in tapping opportunities?
  • What are the methods involved in project financial appraisal?
  • What is a financial appraisal project taken by an entrepreneur?
  • What is meant by the experimenting idea?

UNIT -3:

  • Explain the need for institutional support?
  • what is capital and explain institutional support to small entrepreneurs?
  • Explain NABARAD and its functions?
  • What are the objectives and functions of SIDBI?
  • Explain NIC?
  • What is meant by business intelligence and capacity building?
  • What are the objectives of KVIC and its functions?
  • What are the major schemes of KVIC?
  • Explain in brief about SIDO?
  • What is NSIC and what functions of NSIC?
  • Explain about NIESBUD?
  • What are the functions of DICs?
  • Explain SFC and its prospects, and problems?
  • Explain SSIDC?
  • what are the characteristics of MSMEs?
  • what is the role of MSMEs?
  • What are the steps involved in starting MSMEs?
  • What are the tax benefits and incentives provided by the government?
  • Explain in brief about tax concessions?
  • Write about the Incentive policy scheme?
  • Explain various tax benefits available to small-scale industries in India?

These are more than enough for me to score 85% of marks in the semester in the subject of entrepreneurship development.

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