How did Netaji die? | Theories on his death

The Indian National Congress party of new republic India has shown interest in finding the truth of Netaji's death. In 1949, JL Nehru - the then PM
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There were two futile attempts made by the Shah Nawaz commission and Khosla commission in resolving Netaji's death mystery. There was an inch-below-the-rim-to-succeed attempt by the Mukherjee commission in 1999 which came up with something new in the case. But it was later rejected by the government. Subhash Chandra Bose's daughter Mrs Pfaff has been streaming in the news now and then quoting her only aim "I, as the daughter of Netaji, want this mystery to end in my lifetime". Let's learn more briefly about the Gumnami Baba's mystery further in the post.

The rumoured flight crash of 1945 in Taiwaan

The rumoured flight crash of 1945 in Taiwan

It is widely being protested and also some of the sources indicate that Netaji has not perished in a plane crash in Formosa (present Taiwan) and that he was alive. But, some sources give us reason to accept the plane crash story completely.

Krishna Bose in his book 'Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's Life, Politics and Struggle' has dedicated a chapter of the book to his demise mystery. The book tells us that the ashes of Subhash Chandra Bose are still preserved in 'Renkonji Temple' in Tokyo, Japan. Juichi Nakamura believed to be Bose's translator when he was on death bed was presented as a witness in the book. Juichi Nakamura's existence may prove that Netaji died in the city hospital of Taiwan after the ominous plane crash in 1945.

Inquiries made by JL Nehru

The Indian National Congress party of new republic India has shown interest in finding the truth of Netaji's death. In 1949, JL Nehru - the then prime minister of India appointed Pratul Chandra Gupta to research on Indian National Army and write its contribution in a book.

Pratul Chandra Gupta in his three-year research documented 490 pages on these underrated heroes of India's Independence. By the misfortune of 'verity,' this book wasn't published - again leaving the truth of Netaji's disappearance veiled.

What some suspected Theories say

"I came across a great person in Russia. It would electrify India and the resultant happiness would be greater than what people had experienced on 15th August 1947 " – Vijayalakshmi Pandit (Sister of JL Nehru). Vijalakshmi was the 8th president of the United Nations (1953- 1954). The residents who attended her speech in Russia claim that she was stopped from revealing the name of the personality which was believed to be cherished by Indians. This casts light on the hope of Netaji's survival till the 1950s and that Netaji was alive in Russia.

Folk theories have also gone to the extent of assuming Netaji's return to India. A suspicion prevails in the air that Netaji had got back to India but he chose to live further as an ascetic and within the curtains of his home.

Shah Nawaz Commission

Shah Nawaz, an Indian politician and a former officer who served in Netaji's 'Azad Hind Fauz' took charge of resolving the death mystery of his pioneer. Shah Nawaz Commission was set up in 1956 during the reign of Congress. Suresh Chandra Bose - Netaji's elder brother was also a member of this commission. Research papers of this commission approve the theory of plane crashes.

Khosla Commission

The second commission made in 1970 has also accepted that his death was merely an accident and there's no mystery left behind to be unveiled. GD Khosla, a retired judge of the Punjab High Court - was entrusted to this commission. The reports of this Khosla commission were submitted only in 1974. It took a long tenure to complete

Mukherjee Commission

In 1999 when the central power was in the hands of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). A third commission name 'Mukherjee' was assigned the task. The documents submitted by this commission present a statement of a teacher in Paris which tells a different story of Netaji's death mystery.

"It is not stated in the document that SC Bose died in the air crash in Taiwan. Instead, it is reported that Bose's present whereabouts were unknown as late as December 1947, which implies that the French did not buy the theory of bose dying in an air crash on August 18, 1945".

DNA Test Of The Renkonji

 79-year-old Anita Bose Pfaff says "I, as the daughter of Netaji, want this mystery to end in my lifetime". She, being the daughter of Netaji is eager to bring the ashes of her father back to India. She is constantly appealing to the government to bring back the ashes of her father from Tokyo if they ever exist and process a DNA test to confirm that he actually died in a plane crash and resolve this mystery in her lifetime. This is the only way she can serve her father, whom she hasn't met and talked to in person, as he died soon after she was born. She is up to appealing Japanese government to permit her to bring the ashes of her father back from Renkonji temple. Despite of many impossibilities, Anita Bose is striving hard to achieve her aim. And she is not alone in her journey many activists from India are making enquiries to bring the truth of his death into the limelight.

Author's Note

"One day each one which was born has to become a history. Become so influencing by your character that even after your demise you'll rule all the hearts as a superfluous mystery". Netaji was a valorous prodigy. He served as a leader in our National Indian Army. He was a visionary. Such a man of visions could have never settled for anything less. Even if he would have survived the plane crash he was not one among the tolerant. He would have not kept quiet and accepted to be an ascetic or live a luxurious life in Russia. He was not just a rolling stone which if halts get mosses he was the storm of hail with the ability to destroy anything in its way.

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