Environmental Education Important questions | AU | Sem 3-II Year UG

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS (Life Skill Course - Environmental Education) FOR: All Andhra Pradesh Universities/AU Region Valid for BSc, BCA, and Others

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS (Life Skill Course - Environmental Education)

FOR: All Andhra Pradesh Universities/AU Region

Valid for BSc, BCA, and Others


1. Explain the types and structure of the environment?

2. What is the scope and importance of environmental education?

3. Explain some disadvantages and advantages of urbanization?

4. Explain the importance of Land, Forests, and water resources in India?

5. Describe Land degradation and conservation measures?

6. Briefly give a description of water resources?

7. Discuss Land Resources and Land Utilization? (Optional)

8. What is the aim of the National water policy? (Optional)

9. Describe the uses of forests and forest resources?

10. What are the major causes of deforestation?

11. Explain forest conservation and NFAP? (Optional)

12. Describe the values of biodiversity? (Optional)

13. What are the levels involved in biodiversity?

14. What is the use of ecosystem diversity? 

15. What is meant by terms   a) Environmentalism (Optional)

                                               b) Social economics (Optional)

                                               c) Over-exploitation of forest resources (Optional)

                                               d) Effect on desertification (Optional)


1. How does human population growth affect on environment?

2. What are the measures to control land degradation?

3. Uses of groundwater and how do we measure surface water?

4. Explain the construction of dams and affect of floods? (Optional)

5. What are the causes of floods and their effects?

6. Describe water conflicts in India? (Optional)

7. What is deforestation and its causes?

8. What are the effects of deforestation?

9. What are the types of Non- Renewable energy?

10. Explain about types of pollution?

11. What is global warming and the greenhouse effect?

12. Explain ozone layer depletion? (Optional)

13. What are acid rains and their causes? (Optional)

14. How does pollution affects Agriculture, marine, and wildlife? (Optional)

15. What are the threats involved in biodiversity? (Optional)


1. What is afforestation and its advantages?

2. What are the control measures for various types of pollution?

3. What is global warming and its control measures?

4. What are the uses of renewable and alternate sources of energy? (Optional)

5. What are the control measures involved in urban and industrial waste?

6. What are the control measures for urban and industrial solid waste? (Optional)

7. What are in-situ and ex-situ conservation of biodiversity? (Optional)

8. Expalain about conservation of biodiversity?

9. Explain international agreements involved to protect the environment? (Optional)

10. Explain any three environmental movements?

11. Explain any four environmental acts passed recently? (Optional)

12. What is solid waste management and describe any two renewable resources? (Optional)

These questions are enough to score 90% in semester examinations.

NOTE:  Study optional questions after completion of all important questions.

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