Is ChatGPT going to kill jobs | 45000+ OpenAI Jobs in India

TLD has also revealed - how chat GPT is bringing luck to the potential freshers, who now have a chance to earn 12 - 14 lakhs per year with zero exp...
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    Chat GPT abbreviated as 'Generative Pre-trained Transformer'  has left job seekers' nights sleepless. This advanced feature of artificial intelligence is talked about among the public as a sinkhole of many jobs. However, the researches identify   Chat GPT as a source of surplus job opportunities within a wide range of fields in the coming future. 

Who is in demand in the AI- era ?

    'Team Lease Digital' - which reports this revolution in Artificial intelligence has brought the  demand of following professionals in limelight -

  • Data engineers - 14 L / annum
  • ML (machine learning) engineers -10 L/annum
  • DevOps engineers - 12 L / annum
  • Data architects - 12L/ annum
  • BI analysts - 14 L / annum
  • Database admins - 12 L/ annum

   TLD has also revealed - how chat GPT is bringing luck to the potential freshers, who now have a chance to earn 12 - 14 lakhs per year with zero experience. Precisely 45000 new jobs have come into existence within the healthcare, education, banking, manufacturing and retail sectors. Reports suggest that professionals with 8 years of experience or more will have a possibility to earn 25-45 lakhs rupees per annum.

What are the basic skills in AI and why is AI skills learning  mandatory?

Why AI?

    So, in a survey conducted by Team Lease Digital - almost 30% of the organisations said that AI learning is mandatory. Given the alterations which arrived with the invention of AI - 37% of organisations are already providing their employees with AI tools. While also, the remaining 57% of the organisations understand the dire need for AI skills to fill the gaps in their workforce.

What are the basic AI skills?

     Narayan Murthy himself supported Chat GPT. In a talk, he said - "I have used Chat GPT and no, it can never take over human jobs. It can facilitate better and smooth functioning but humans will never be replaced by AI." The youth just need important upskilling with basic AI skills such as:-

  • Python & R
  • Algorithms
  • Business intelligence
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Robotics

Which jobs are most - affected by GPT release?

     According to researchers at open AI and the University of Pennsylvania, high-paying jobs are most at risk to be replaced by AI. The professions which need degree certifications and upskilling are at high risk. The most - affected jobs after the GPT release are:

  • Mathematicians
  • Tax preparers
  • Blockchain engineers
  • Writers
  • Graphic designers
  • Financial Managers
  • Accountants 
  • Auditors

 Which jobs are 'not' affected by GPT release?

    The hand-aid professions, mainly which need physical strength and muscle power are safe. The ones related to nature and experiments have also received a safe zone category by 'Open AI' researchers.

  • Agricultural experiment operators
  • Athletes
  • Carpenters
  • Roofers 
  • Helpers
  • Cement masons
  • Concrete finishers
  • Cooks 
  • And many more

Who are supporting Chat GPT?

    While the common public and people who are likely to be fired after GPT release opinionated that 'AI is killing jobs'. But they probably could see only one side of the picture. If they flip the other side of the coin, they could see a wide range of new job opportunities. 

    The CEOs of MNCs and researchers have a different story to tell about the new AI upgrade and the jobs related to it. 

    'Debjani Ghosh'  the president of Nasscom, 'Krishnan Ramanujan' - the president of Enterprises Growth Group. 'NR Narayana Murthy' - the founder of Infosys are supporting chat GPT. Their opinions are optimistic, besides, they also don't deny the fact that working people might become jobless in masses. But by upskilling and learning AI skills and using AI to generate good results humans are capable of generating new jobs. As they believe that 'Humans are irreplaceable by bots.'

    'CP Gurnani' - CEO and Managing Director of 'Tech Mahindra' said - "Technology is the heart of everything". He explained how people boast about things and mess up their surroundings with their pessimistic thoughts.

He believes that when the mobile device was made it generated jobs through communication, connecting people to people, and customers to sellers. So, to him, AI does not 'kill' jobs but 'discover'. A bunch of them.

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