JAVA Important questions | UG-II Year | BCA-3 semester

Important questions from OOPS using JAVA for BCA-3rd semester

SUB: Object-Oriented Programming Using JAVA

Valid for: 3/4 sem- BCA& BSc,Others


1. Define Object-Oriented Paradigm?

2. Explain the Concept of OOPS.

3. Differences between Procedural Oriented Programming and Object-Oriented Programming. (Optional)

4. Difference between Java and C++?

5. Explain the history and versions of java?

6. Applications involved in Java.

7. Briefly describe the features of java?

8. Explain about JDK Environment?

9.  Structure of Java Program in detail?

10. How can we set path and classpath in java? (Optional)

11. Explain JVM in detail?

12. Define Command Line Arguments. (Optional)


1. Describe various Datatypes involved in Java?

2. Define Type conversion and Type casting?

3. Describe Types of variables?

4. Explain Constants in detail?

5. What are Java Tokens in detail with types?

6. Types of Operators in java?

7. Expressions in Java in detail?

8. Explain in brief about Control Statements in Java?

9. Define array and its types, Advantages, and Disadvantages?

10. Give an example of a java array of objects? (Optional)

11. What are Strings and their types?

12. Define Vectors with examples. (Optional)

13. Difference between Array and Vector?

14. Briefly describe Wrapper Class?

15. Give an example of an Enumerated type.

16. Define java classes and objects?

17. Methods in Java with an example of a java class? 

18. How to call a method, create an object, and Declare Objects? (Optional)

19. Give a brief explanation about Access Specifiers? (Optional)

20. Define Garbage Collection. (Optional)

21. Difference between Method Overloading and Overriding in java?

22. Explain constructors and their types?

23. Difference between constructor and method in java. (Optional)

24. Define java static keyword and static variable? (Optional)

25. Classify

     A. Static import (Optional)

     B. Hiding class (Optional)

     C. Subpackage in java (Optional)

     D. Naming conventions to package. (Optional)


1. Describe types of inheritance in java?

2. Give examples of various inheritance in java?

3. Difference between the Abstract class and the Final class? (Optional)

4. Difference between Abstract class and Interface? (Optional)

5. Difference between classes and interfaces?

6. Give an example for Accessing interface variables? (Optional)

7. Define Multithreading and its Advantages, Disadvantages.

8. What are the uses of Thread.

9. Write about key differences between Multithreading and Multitasking in OS.

10. Life Cycle of Thread with process chart.

11. Describe thread priorities.

12. What are the types of synchronization.

13. What is a Daemon thread.

14. What is exception handling in java?

15. What are the types of exceptions?

16. Difference between throw and throws? (Optional)


1. Define files and streams?

2. What are streams and their types?

3. What are File Input Stream and File Output Stream? (Optional)

4. Describe Serialization in brief? (Optional)

5. What are Applets and their advantages?

6. Explain java applet programming?

7. How to build Applet Code?

8. Life Cycle of Applet?

9. Difference between Applications and Applets? (Optional)

10. Describe Event classes and Listener interfaces in java?


1. About Database Applications and types?

2. What is a File-Based System?

3. Disadvantages of the file-based approach?

4. What are Database, Data, and Information? (Optional)

5. Functions of DBMS with brief explanation?

6. What are Objectives of DBMS? (Optional)

7. Advantages and Disadvantages of DBMS?

8. Expalin about database languages? (Optional)

9. Expalin about Network, Relational, and Object-Orieted databases?

10. Describe DBMS Architecture? (Optional)

11. Difference between the components and interfaces of DBMS? (Optional)

12. Classify DBMS interface?

13. Classify Data Independence? (Optional)

14. Types of database models in DBMS?

15. Explain the importance of the Data Model?

16. About DBMS Vendors and their products? (Optional)

17. Explain JDBC Architecture? 

18. Explain JDBC drivers?

19. Define Servelts Uses and Applications. (Optional)

20. Life Cycle of a Servlet?

21. How to Write JDBC/Servlet?

22. Write a java program to Multiply Two Matrices? (Optional)

23. Write a program to show Daemon Thread? (Optional)

24. Write a program to check whether the input year is leap or not? (Optional)

25. Describe Servlet Lifecycle events?

NOTE: These questions are enough to score 90% in your semester examinations

NOTE: Also study optional questions after completion of main questions to score more marks.

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