Online Business Important questions | AU | Sem 3 - II Year UG

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS (Skill development course - Online Business)

FOR: All Andhra Pradesh/AU Region

  • Valid for BSc, BCA, and Others


1. What are the features and functions of online business?

2. Briefly characterize online business?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online business? (V.Imp)

4. What are the limitations of online business?

5. What revenue models are involved in online business? (V.Imp)

6. Explain any five key ingredients of an effective online business? (Optional)

7. Differences between online and offline business? (V.Imp)

8. Classify the features of e-commerce and the history of e-commerce?

9. What are the features, advantages, and disadvantages of E-Tailing? (Optional)

10. What are the types of E- Advertising?

11. Describe the Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Marketing?

12. Explain threats and types involved in E-commerce? (V.Imp)  

13. Briefly describe types of E-Marketing? (Optional)

14. What are the impacts involved in direct marketing and organizations? (Optional)

15. a) Define Online business and differentiate E-Business and  E-Commerce? (V.Imp)

b) Describe revenue models of E- business? (V.Imp)


1. Describe the online business strategy and strategic planning? (V.Imp)

2. Explain the strategic planning process? (V.Imp) 

3. Describe supply chain management? (V.Imp)

4. What features are involved in supply chain management?

5. Expalin objectives and components of supply chain management? (Optional)

6. What strategies are involved in supply chain management? (V.Imp) 

7. Explain the importance of business logistics? (Optional)

8. Describe all the types of logistics? (V.Imp)

9. Explain the major key activities involved in logistics management? (Optional)

10. Explain the stages of procurement? (V.Imp) 

11. What are the components of procurement? (V.Imp)

12. Differentiate between procurement and purchasing? (Optional)

13. Differentiate between procurement and sourcing? (Optional)

14. Differentiate between procurement and supply chain? (Optional)

15. Describe the principles of procurement? (Optional)

16. What types are involved in procurement?

17. Describe the advantages of demand planning? (Optional)

18. Explain the types of KPIs? (Optional)

19. Briefly describe CRM(Customer relationship management) and its types,objectives? (V.Imp)

20. Mention the features, and functions of CRM and its Importance? (Optional)

21. Describe CRM's advantages and disadvantages?

22. a) What benefits are acquired from CRM? (Optional)

b) Describe logistics importance and need in business? (V.Imp)

23. Explain these terms  a) Analytical CRM  (Optional)

                                       b) Collaborative CRM  (Optional)

                                       c) Negotiation tips for SMEs  (Optional)

                                       d) Demand planning


1. Describe the types of E-commerce?

2. Explain about limitations and benefits of E-business? (V.Imp)

3. Briefly describe WEB and its categories?  (Optional)

4. Differentiate between the web and the internet? (Optional)

5. Differentiate between static and dynamic websites? (Optional)

6. Explain the types of websites, web history, and development?

7. What steps are involved in web hosting? (Optional)

8. Discuss important web issues? (Optional)

9. Discuss legal issues in web development?

10. What is CAN-SPAM Act? (Optional)

11. Describe copyright and trademarks?

12. Briefly discuss Online Advertising and types?

13. Benefits of online advertising?

14. What is a payment gateway and how it works? (V.Imp)

15. Benefits, charges, Architecture of payment gateway?

16. Explain E-payment?

17. Explain advertising credit cards? (Optional)

18. Describe payment processing challenges?

19. Explain the process of the payment gateway? (Optional)

20. What compensation methods are involved in online advertising? (Optional)

21. Explain about weblite designing? (V.Imp) 

22. Define a) Pillars procurement (V.Imp)

                   b) Duline advertising & types (V.Imp)

These questions are enough to score 90% in semester examinations.

NOTE: Study optional questions after completing all important questions, If you studied all these 100% questions are from these only.

If you want any information or any issues please contact us at [email protected].

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