Progamming in 'C' Model Question paper|AU|Sem-1|UG-1Year

Question paper code: BCA-S 5102

Course: Programming In 'C'

Valid for: BCA/BSc/

Universities: AU Region/All Andhra Pradesh universities

TIME: 3:00 Hrs                                        Maximum Marks: 75 m

                       SECTION A- (5 x 5 = 25 marks)

Answer any FIVE questions. Each question carries 5 marks.

1. Write the structure of 'C' program and explain

2. What are the key features of Algorithms? Explain.

3. What is the purpose of switch statement? How does this statement differ from the other statements?

4. Explain about recursive function with suitable examples.

5. Distinguish between getchar and scanf functions for reading strings.

6. How are multidimensional arrays defined?Compare with the manner in which one-dimensional arrays are defined.

7. What is a pointer? How is a pointer initiated? Give an example.

8. What is the use of a structure? Explain.

9. What is the task performed by fseek()? Write its Syntax.

10. How to detect the End-of-file? Explain.

                    SECTION B - (5 x 10 = 50 marks)

Answer any FIVE questions.

11. List the entire date types in 'C'. Explain what is the size of these data types.

12. What is the operator? Describe different types of operators that are included within the 'C'  language and give example for each. included in the 'C'  language and give examples

13. What is meant by function prototype? Give an example function prototype.

14. What are the control structures used in 'C'? Explain with examples.

15.  How are initial values written in a one-dimensional array definition? Is the entire array be initialized? What value is automatically assigned to these array elements not explicitly initialized?

16. Write a 'C' program to demonstrate passing an array argument to a function. Consider the problem of finding the largest of N numbers defined in an array.

17. Explain the process of accessing a variable through its pointer. Give an example.

18. Distinguish between text mode and binary mode operation of a file. Write a program to open a pre-existing file and add inflation at the end file. Display the contents of the file before and after appending.

19. Describe Nested Structures. Draw a diagram to explain Nested Structure.

20. How the error handling will be done during file operations in 'C'? Explain.

NOTE: 1. This question paper is conducted on 2022 April by Andhra university.
             2. Question paper is on same model and format and also refer to important questions posted in AU section on our site.

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