Web Programming Important questions|UG-II Year| BCA-4 Semester

 Important Questions for Web Programming

Valid for: 4th semester BCA & Others/For all Andhra Pradesh Universities



1. Give a short note about PHP? 

2. Mention Identifiers, Variables, and Constants in PHP with Example?

3. Explain data types in PHP with examples? 

4. Describe different operators in PHP? 

5. Give an example of conditional statements? 

6. Explain about Loops in PHP? (Optional)

7. Explain about Array-Related functions in PHP?

8. Explain terms with example A. Creating Array

                                                 B. Creating Objects

                                                 C. Object working and Instance (Optional)

9. Explain about the working of strings in PHP?

10. Give an example for formatting strings in PHP?  

12. Different types of Investigative strings in PHP with example?

13. Give any two examples for manipulating strings in PHP? 

14. Write a program to show the use of date and time functions in PHP? (Optional)

15. Basic structure of PHP and HTML also define forms and form elements.


1. Give the major advantages of PHP and mention about function and types in PHP.

2. What are the major advantages of Using functions in PHP with example? (Optional)

3. Describe different functions in PHP?

4. Uses of invoking function in PHP with example? 

5. How to return a value in PHP with an example?

6. Define terms with examples  A. Recursive function 

                                                   B. File handling 

                                                   C. Concepts of Objects

                                                   D. Investigating strings & Date and time functions

7. How to create, open, update and delete a file? example. 

8. Explain in brief about file operations in PHP with examples? 

9. Describe End of the File in PHP with an example?

10. Describe concepts of OOPS in PHP with examples? (Optional)


1. How to create a form in PHP?

2. Explain and give examples for accessing forms and User defined Arrays?

3. How to combine HTML and PHP code in a single page?

4. Define terms with an example: A. Redirecting User

                                                     B. Send Mail on form submission

                                                     C. Working with file uploads

5. Explain about cookies and types of cookies with an example?

6. Explain sessions and functions, and session variables with an example?

7. How to destroy sessions in PHP with examples?

8. How to set a cookie with an example?

9. How to use sessions in an environment with registered users? (Optional)

10. Give an example for passing session IDs in the query string? (Optional)


1. Give a brief description of the Javascript and explain the basic commands in JS with examples?

2. Explain Variables, Operators, and Control Structures in Javascript?

3. Give an example of Looping and Conditional structures in Javascript? (Optional)

4. Explain window and document objects in javascript with an example? (Optional)

5. Describe forms and form elements in Javascript with an example?

6. Give an example for string and math functions in javascript?

7. What are dates and multiple windows in javascript?

8. Give an example for multiple windows and form elements in Javascript? (Optional)

9. Explain recursive function in javascript with an example? (Optional)

10. Describe Operators and Arrays in javascript with examples?


1. Explain about Angular JS and modules with a example?

2. What are the components involved in Angular JS? (Optional)

3. Explain about Built-in Directives in Angular JS?

4. About custom directives in Angular JS?

5. What is the use of built-in directives?

6. Describe Data binding and filters in Angular JS?

7. Describe filters and constants in Angular JS?

8. Give an example of custom directives and built-in directives in Angular JS? (Optional)

9. Give a example for swapping of two numbers and finding maximum of three numbers in PHP? (Optional)

10. How to create user login form and read and write operations in PHP? (Optional)

NOTE: These questions are more than enough to score 90% on the semester examination.

NOTE: Study optional questions after completion of main questions to score good marks.

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