The role of a Women in your life - Top Entries from Contest

Let's not forget that a queen in chess has access to all check boxes in the chess battle. Probably this game s the flip-side of the mirror of the.....
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Let's not forget that a queen in chess has access to all check boxes in the chess battle. Probably this game is the flip-side of the mirror of the society. To be candid, women in our society are facing the odds they don't deserve and unlike chess majority of the women don't get access to all the check-boxes to defeat the enemy and annex the battle. This is the reason why most women succumb, doomed by quirky miseries. 

From the world organizations to the Indian supreme court and high courts, decisions are being made to control adversaries against women which existed in the past and also the ones being created by the modern society. But a bill legislated and a law passed do not have an effect if not well executed. These rules until applied to the rich and the poor, the powerful and the commoner or the secular and the non secular alike, women in India and over the world will keep suffering.

While there are many hurdles in a women's life some women win over the odds. In the modern era women are coming to the forefront to fight back the stereotypes and outdated misconceptions about them. The world screams many names as proofs that how women have taken part in diverse fields and outnumbered the checklist of stereotypes the society presents them, making many mouths shut which raised questions on their potential. 

Likewise, in the contest conducted on "women's importance in daily life" by Pediafor we have come across some awesome entries which won hearts of its admins. However, the writers whose entries were found to have more plagiarism were disqualified.

The winners of Women's Day contest

Sonali Sahu 

Title: The Invaluable Role of Women in Our Lives

Women hold a central and indispensable position in society, playing multifaceted roles that contribute to the fabric of humanity. From nurturing families to driving progress in various fields, their presence and contributions are irreplaceable. This essay explores the profound importance of women in our lives, highlighting their impact on individual, familial, and societal levels.

First and foremost, women play a pivotal role in nurturing and shaping individuals from the very beginning of life. As mothers, they provide unconditional love, care, and guidance, laying the foundation for a child's physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Their nurturing presence fosters a sense of security and belonging, instilling values of empathy, compassion, and resilience that shape individuals into compassionate and well-rounded members of society.

Furthermore, women serve as pillars of strength and support within families, often juggling multiple responsibilities with grace and resilience. Whether as wives, daughters, sisters, or caregivers, they contribute to the cohesion and stability of family units, offering emotional support, practical assistance, and unwavering love. Their ability to balance the demands of work, home, and personal life exemplifies their resourcefulness and determination, serving as role models for future generations.

In addition to their roles within the family, women play a crucial role in driving progress and innovation across various fields and industries. From science and technology to business and politics, women have made significant contributions that have shaped the course of history. Their diverse perspectives, creativity, and problem-solving skills bring fresh insights and ideas to the table, driving innovation and fostering inclusive decision-making processes.

Moreover, women serve as advocates for social justice, equality, and human rights, advocating for the rights and empowerment of marginalized communities. Through their activism and leadership, they challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive society. Their voices and actions inspire positive change, driving collective efforts to address systemic issues and create a better world for future generations.

In conclusion, the importance of women in our lives cannot be overstated. Their contributions extend far beyond the confines of traditional gender roles, shaping individuals, families, and societies in profound and meaningful ways. As we celebrate the achievements and resilience of women, it is essential to recognize and appreciate their invaluable role in building a more just, compassionate, and equitable world for all.

Spandan Vikas Gadhei 

In the quiet moments, amid life's ceaseless spin,

Where fortunes flicker and misfortunes begin,

Today, let's pause to honor her unseen fight,

To appreciate her journey, from dawn to twilight.

She's the unseen force, the silent energy,

That slices through mornings, unveiling lethargy.

With hands that weave through mundane tasks,

She's the nocturnal whirlpool, the night's mystic mask.

Yet for eons, her truth was misconstrued,

Her freedoms stolen, her rights subdued.

Forced into roles, deemed priceless yet caged,

Her empire tarnished, her spirit enraged.

But like a queen with valor, she rises,

Defying the shackles, reclaiming her prizes.

Her empire, once blemished, now blooms anew,

For she's the heart of resilience, the essence of truth.


मन पंछी का उड़ता जाए

आजादी से पंख फैलाए।

खुले गगन में खुली आंखों से

आजादी के स्वप्न सजाए।

पिंजरे में नन्ही जान 

है,आजादी की प्यासी

हर खुशी हो पिंजरे में

बिन आजादी है उदासी

खुला समा हैं घर इनका

पर पिंजरा बना बसेरा

चुप हो गई आवाजें

खोया चहकता सवेरा

इरादो मैं भरके जान,

पिंजरा लेके उड़ जाना है।

लड़किया तोड़ेगी ये पिंजरा,

पिंजरा बुनता ज़माना है।

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